Three components,
one innovation.

WAYV appliances comprise 3 core components that simply click together to form a modular, attractive, easy to use device.

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Top module - complex innovation, unique technology… easy to use.

Locking Handle
In the down position, a robust ballistic-plastic moulded handle protects the digital display. In the up position, a sprung-loaded push-back action unlocks the WAYVchamber from the WAYVbase.

User Interface 
The easy to use intuitive user interface, displays cooking time and remaining battery power.


Exploded Full_3.jpg


Centre module – food placement holder.

The WAYVbase is designed to accommodate bespoke WAYV branded cooking receptacles, as well as other non-metallic containers and food pouches


Exploded Full_4.jpg


Base module – rechargeable powerpack.

The WAYVpowerpack has a 30 minute power cycle, is rechargeable from a standard 115 240v AC supply or a 12v adapter in 1 hour. The WAYVpowerpack also has a solar panel located on the underside to enable recharge when outdoors in a time of 12 hrs.