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Next-gen Microwave Ovens Are Small Enough To Sling On Your Back

Get ready to nuke your packed lunch: a new era in microwave cookery is around the corner. As well as portable ovens you can stick in a backpack, electronics will enable appliances that detect when their contents are thawed or risk boiling over, and smart ovens which will cook multiple items at different rates more.

Highly Desirable Unusual Objects!

"Specifically designed for outdoor activities, The Wayv Adventurer is a small, portable, practical, microwave oven guaranteeing hot food anywhere.  Designed for adventurers' convenience, this 30cm high and 12cm wide accessory puts cooking on the back burner and will take charge of all the cooking, whether camping in the mountains or by the sea.  Compact and lightweight this crowdfunded nomadic microwave easily fits into a rucksack and can heat solids and liquids in just 4 minutes.  Powered by lithium ion batteries, fully charged it can provide 30 minutes of cooking.  The Wayv Adventurer will be released early 2017, one to look out for." here.

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Wayvtech Portable Microwave

For those who are a disaster in the kitchen at the best of times, this WayvTech portable microwave will solve all your culinary calamities at the push of the button. A full charge from the mains or your car will provide 30 minutes of wave power, leaving you time and energy to focus on simply enjoying being out in the more.

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Adventurer Portable Microwave

The Adventurer Portable Microwave is on the way to make outdoor lovers meals easier to cook. The small appliance is light enough to carry in your backpack, with a weight of just under 2.6lb (1.2kg) and a size of 305x128 mm it offers a cooking power of about 250w which is already reasonable for the size portions you can put inside. You get the typical backlight, the start/stop and time adjustment buttons and the mandatory digital display. Featuring a different technology than conventional ovens, this one uses LDMOS waves that evenly distribute the heat, so in this one there´s no need for the more.

The Sunday Times Paper
Micro Microwave

No one expects haute cuisine on a campaign trip.  But it would be nice if what you were eating was at least hot.  The Wayv Adventurer, a thermos-sized portable microwave, should see to that.  It’s just 12in high, has a 200W power output and can operate for 30 minutes before it needs to be recharged (which can be done through a car or mains). Just don’t invite too many guests over.

WDD's IMS 2016 Top Pick
Wayv Portable Cooking Product Wins #1!

If you missed the International Microwave Symposium (IMS 2016), you can watch the Top 5 picks from Wireless Design & Development (WDD). Editor Janine Mooney features NXP enabled Wayv portable cooking product as #1! The selection was tough, as many new technologies were shown in IMS 2016, demonstrating that products at frequencies up to millimetre waves are quickly becoming key components of emerging consumer and commercial applications. Watch the Top 5 more.

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Next Level Stuff: Get Outside Edition

If you’re the outdoorsy type but you still crave a nice Hungry Man tv dinner in the wild, now you can enjoy whatever hot foods you want while camping, because this microwave goes more.

This Handy Portable Microwave Will Change The Sad Desk Lunch Game Forever

You’ve made a week’s worth of soup in bulk. You’ve actually remembered to bring a portion of soup to work. You’re feeling smug. Then you see it. You see that the microwave has been in constant use from 11 ’til 12.  You can’t find a moment to slip your lunch in. It gets to 2pm. You are so hungry you might cry.
Finally, the microwave is free. You dive towards it, only to notice that it reeks of fish.  You give up, defeated, and go buy an egg and cress from Pret. *Sigh*.  This new invention could ensure that NEVER happens more.

Adventurer Portable Microwave

When it comes to creature comforts we miss most in the great outdoors, microwaves are second only to cell service on the list. The Adventurer Portable Microwave lets you heat food wherever you are, no outlets (or fire) necessary. This 200-watt oven uses LDMOS transistors to heat food safely and evenly, warming up to 500 ml of food or drinks at a time. The rechargeable battery can run for up to 30 minutes per charge, the batteries can easily be swapped out on extended trips, and the whole thing weighs under three pounds, so it won't weigh down your more.

Forget Campfires To Cook Food, Bring A Microwave

Forget trying to make a campfire in the rain to cook your next meal... just use a microwave! Wavy Technologies unveiled The Adventurer, a portable microwave the size of a canteen that runs on interchangeable rechargeable battery packs. This portable unit is also handy for use in areas where a fire ban is in more.

Wireless Design & Development
The Wayv Of The Future: Portable, Battery-Operated Microwave

When I talk about the Microwave industry to “outsiders,” they usually think I'm referring to actual Microwaves, as in the ones that heat up your dinner. Typically, as most of you probably know, I'm not talking about the trusty ol' kitchen appliance. But in this case, I really am. And so is NXP.

At IMS 2016 I had the opportunity to hold the newly unveiled world’s first battery operated, handheld portable cooking appliance. NXP Semicoductor, in collaboration with Wayv, created the portable microwave, dubbed the Wayv more.

There's A Portable Microwave Going On Sale Next Year

Camp fires or gas burners might be the traditional way of cooking when you’re exploring the great outdoors, but both can be fiddly and not that easy to use.

A very 21st century option is now on the way, as one firm has taken the idea of the microwave and made it mobile. The Wayv Adventurer is a thermos flask-sized container that’s battery powered and uses radio frequencies to heat and cook food – just like a more.

Popular Mechanics
A New Way To Make Microwaves Will Change Your Kitchen, Then The World

The Adventurer is a portable battery-powered microwave the size of a Thermos. Campers, hikers, and anyone else away from the grid can make a hot meal in minutes without a fire. Camp cooking could get a whole lot easier.

The three-pound Adventurer is more than a handy piece of kit, though. This is one of the first fruits of a new technology that more.

A Portable Microwave In Your Thermos

In cooperation with semiconductor device manufacturer NXP, the English firm Wavy Technologies has developed a portable microwave oven with an integrated rechargeable battery. The microwave, dubbed “Wayv Adventurer”, is designed for hikers, trekkers and campers as a convenient way to heat their food and drinks while more.

Lonely Planet
This Time Next Year, You Could Be Packing A Portable Microwave For Your Next Adventure

Camp fires or gas burners might be the traditional way of cooking when you’re exploring the great outdoors, but both can be fiddly and not that easy to use.

A very 21st century option is now on the way, as one firm has taken the idea of the microwave and made it mobile. The Wayv Adventurer is a thermos flask-sized container that’s battery powered and uses radio frequencies to heat and cook food – just like a more.

Future EnTech
The World’s First Compact And Portable Solid-State, Battery-Operated RF Microwave Oven

The impact of the microwave oven on human grazing habits has been extreme. It can reheat frozen food or cook raw food in a fraction of the time required of a conventional oven and has brought the convenience of preparing food to new levels. 

Now, NXP Semiconductors NV and Wayv Technologies Ltd co-developed a portable microwave oven - The Adventurer, the world’s first portable Solid-State microwave oven offers those same capabilities to people who need to prepare food away from the more.

Battery Powered, Portable Microwave, Best For Outdoor Uses

Outdoor adventurers including those hiking, fishing, and camping can now conveniently heat their food anytime and anywhere. NXP Semiconductors in collaboration with Wayv have just designed the world’s first battery-powered, handheld cooking appliance, termed as Adventurer. It can serve a number of on the go cooking needs including heating nutritious meals quickly and easily for people at the military base in the field or even those affected by a more.

The Times Of India
Hand-held Microwave Takes Home Convenience Into The Wild

Flicking on a gas burner or cobbling together a fire might be the most common way of cooking in the great outdoors, but another option is on the way. The Wayv Adventurer is a battery-operated radio frequency cooking appliance that's small enough to fit in a backpack. In other words, it's a hand-held more.

This Microwave Oven Is The Size Of A Thermos

The Adventurer looks like nothing more than a fancy thermos, but it’s actually a fully-functional 200-watt microwave oven that can efficiently heat 500 milliliters of liquids or solids in about four minutes. Its rechargeable battery will keep it running for up to half an hour, which is more than enough time to reheat a bowl of stew at lunch or a jar of baby food while you’re on the road. But it can also be plugged in at home if you simply don’t have the counter space for a full-sized more.

Design News
Mini, Battery-Powered Microwave Is Perfect For People On The Go

A handheld microwave oven about the size of a coffee thermos could soon provide an alternative to cooking food around the old campfire.

Shown at the NXP FTF Tech Forum this week, the Wayv Adventurer oven can heat water, tea, soup, stew, coffee, and ready-made meals in less than four minutes using RF energy. The new technology, which will hit the market next February for $199, will be targeted more.

The Wall Street Journal
Press Release

NXP Partners with Wayv to Unveil the World's First Handheld Portable, Battery-Operated RF Cooking more.

Yahoo! Finance
Press Release

NXP RF high power, efficient technology enables new cooking appliance to rapidly heat food anytime and anywhere in a safe and eco-friendly more.

NXP Partners With Wayv

Wayv uses RF power transistors in a compact, small, and light-weight cooking appliance that gives the flexibility to heat food anytime and more.

Press Release

The new appliance demonstrates NXP's leadership in driving compelling new product innovations into the smart cooking market through solid state RF technology. NXP RF technology offers maximum power transfer with controllable energy to the food with less wasted heat. Making it better for the more.

Press Release

"The new Wayv Adventurer takes on-the-go smart cooking experiences to a new level,” said Dan Viza, director of product marketing for RF cooking at NXP. “We’re excited to work with Wayv and unveil this new innovation into the market.”

Introducing The Solid-State RF Cooking . . . Thermos?

One of the first companies to employ solid-state technology, the startup Wayv Technologies, has revealed a new portable oven at this week’s NXP FTF Technology Forum in Austin. About the size of a thermos, the battery-powered oven directs energy into food more accurately than microwave ovens, the company more.
Press Release

NXP’s RF module solution, which delivers 250W of RF power at high efficiency, combined with Wayv’s RF antenna, helps deliver excellent cavity efficiency for effective power transfer to the more.
Press Release

Since battery operated appliances currently have limited electrical power, the best possible efficiency is essential. NXP's RF module solution delivers high efficiency power combined with Wayv's high efficiency antenna solution which allows for multiple heating cycles before more.

The Street
Press Release

The Adventurer is ideal for preparing meals outdoors during leisure activities such as camping, hiking, or fishing.  It can serve a number of on-the-go cooking needs including heating nutritious meals quickly and easily, at the workplace, to support people affected by disasters or personnel at military bases and in the more.

Press Release

The technology platform includes NXP’s MKW40Z Kinetis microcontroller (MCU) with a 2.4 GHz signal generator, a MMA25312 pre-driver, MHT1008 driver and MHT1004 final stage amplifier into a single, integrated closed-loop more.
Press Release

NXP Partners with Wayv to Unveil the World’s First Handheld Portable, Battery-Operated RF Cooking Appliance (NXP Semiconductors NV) more.

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The Cool Gadgets List

Camping and dinner usually brings up images of burnt sausages and a last-resort Pot Noodle, but what if you could heat up your delicious food without any carbon crust while exploring the great outdoors? The Wayv Adventurer is a sort of portable microwave that heats up your grub using a 250W RF module in around four minutes, with enough battery power for six happy more.

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How To Promote An Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

There are no shortage of crowdfunding campaigns online, but what does it take to put together a successful one that fills quickly?

The crowd can be powerful, but needs to be harnessed

A huge amount of planning and marketing goes into crowdfunding, and entrepreneurs that have run successful equity campaigns say it’s crucial to plan how you’re going to promote the idea to existing contacts and new more.










Wayv Crowd Funded And Received The Full Funding In A Record Breaking 19 Hours

Wayv Technologies have developed a small, lightweight and highly portable handheld microwave. Powered by a rechargeable battery fuel-cell, the unit also has inbuilt high-gain solar cells to recharge the battery on the go. This fully patented device has been designed for use by defence agencies, outdoor & adventure enthusiasts, the parenting market and even disaster more.